Dad do run run

So, we’re having dinner, on the day before #2’s birthday. Naturally, the boys manage to ignore number 2 and concentrate on birthdays further ahead.

“What are you going to do on your birthday, Dad?”, says #3

“Well, son 3”, I say, “It’s a big birthday this year, so I’m thinking about running a mile for each year that I’ve been alive. And I’m going to ask lots of my friends if they want to run part of it with me”

“Wow, can I run it too?”

“Yes, but  you’ll have to run your age too, you know”

“Hmmm, 13 miles…not really sure I fancy that”

A pause

“Not going to be very fair on Grandad, is it?”


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Blogging that is in imminent danger of disappearing into its own middle aged, middle class, middle England hole...
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