Onto the Z-list

Having our tea last night with the kids, and trying to have a conversation with Jr Emu #1 about GCSE results and A level choices, we realised we’d rather lost the audience when #3 asked:

“How many GCSE’s do I need to become a celebrity?”

I’ve mentioned Felix before here, and his enthusiaism for being, well, different. And of course, this could be a cue to go on (& on & on) about the vapidity of celebrity culture, and about how sad it is that our children have ambition borne of such low self esteem. Or I could bang on about the need for the International Baccalaureate to start including a ’15 minutes of fame’ module. Or possible dismiss the whole celebrity culture as an inadequate substitute for meaningful aspiration.

But instead, I thought I might just leave it as a quite funny thing that Felix said when he was 11.


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