Nothing can go wrong now…

Ok, so I was a little surprised when a number of people approached me today and suggested that I might be a bit simple for thinking I could run a marathon on a treadmill. After all, I should be able to knock out this sort of mileage as long as take it easy, right? Wrong, apparently.

But I take solace in the knowledge that others have made complete twits of themselves on treadmills for years now, so I can just join the queue. I had a browse around youtube this evening to see the sort of thing that people have copied up – unfortunately in amongst all the people flying into walls off the end of treadmills, it’ hard to see which ones were really accidents.

Consequently, am linking to one that shows people actively trying to do stupid things on treadmills. I’ll obviously be practicing the correct way to demonstrate these stunts as part of my intensive training plan.



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