My ever changing moods…

I thought you might like to share what a Saturday evening feels like in the Emu household, now that Mrs E & I have abandoned our attempts to out-debauch Amy Winehouse and Joey Ramone. We just don’t have the appetite for it any more, you see, and have far more fun anticipating through parted fingers the future drink fuelled disasters expected of the Jr Emus.

Anyway, this is how last Saturday went.

After a fairly testing bike ride in the early morning (elated mood) and clearing out the garage (concern at being middle aged mood), followed by nipping into the city to get #2 a new mobile phone (how can all this technology be sold in such a complex style mood), I reached that period of quiet reflection that can only be reached in our house by two plates of curry and a bowl of ice cream. The concern at this stage of course, is that what with all the mood changing and calories spent and consumed, it was only a short step to a light sleep on the sofa. But this was Saturday night, and standards have to be maintained, and in our house Saturday standards include staying up as late as humanly possible.

So, a brisk walk was in order, and where better to stroll along to the Co-op (nee Somerfields, nee Gateway etc), a store that despite a number of rebrands, has still managed to maintain a level of soviet-style misery in all its employees. But my heart and mood was in a happy place, for it was Saturday night, there was beer to be bought, and I was greeted on the way by the sight of two men, in full chef’s whites, off duty from the local curry house, enjoying an impromptu game of badminton in the car park. Mood up again, in an ‘all is right with the world’ sort of style.

Managed to maintain this state of mind despite the general gurning and grunting that greets you when you try to buy anything from our Co-op, and fair skipped home, for what awaited the family Emu when I got back was the gala final of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. To watch BGT, I think you have to be one of two things – a moron of the first order, or an opportunist with a good stock of ‘Pointing & Laughing’ chances. In a desperate attempt to avoid being labelled a moron, I went for three big P&L opportunities:

1. Jayney Cutler to be this year’s essential car crash viewing.

Well, reader, she certainly didn’t disappoint. Starting off in the wrong key, and at least a beat behind the bemused orchestra, she proceeded to kick the living daylights out of ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’, which, incidentally she’d translated into her native Glaswegian. Given this was the final, our parade of judges were magnanimous in their gentle criticism. ‘Well Jayney’, they chirrupped, ‘you were a little behind the beat, but you made it up like a real trooper’. Jayney simply stared into the middle distance, cackling quietly away, not realising that her dream of being the new Susan Boyle (except without the voice, the rapier wit or, err, the looks) was over.

2. Piers Morgan to set new records in levels of condescension.

Again, happily achieved without really breaking sweat. To Spelbound : ‘Y’know, what you’ve achieved says to me that no matter how hard this show might be criticised, it’s capable of unearthing the most amazing and unique hidden talent that Britain has to offer, and we really should applaud it’ (discernible pause) ‘…and I understand you’re also preparing for the world championships’. Not a hint of irony. Wonderful.

3. Simon Cowell to prove himself a git of the highest order.

Ok, he’s an easy target, but as regular readers of this blog will know, that’s never been a reason to hold back. In my head, SC managed to plough new lows in taste and talent as he announced his new single, a version of Tears for Fears’ ‘Shout’, featuring the woefully underexposed and talented James Corden and Dizzee Rascal. Introducing the song as something that ‘he’d been waiting to do something with for some time’, SC set our pulses racing in eager anticipation that he might have done vaguely interesting. Not for him a glib opportunity to turn the nation’s world cup fever into a ridiculously childish terrace rant, surely…

Well, by now, you’ve probably heard the result of his creative input. Honestly, it’s the work of genius to include lines like ‘Let’s get physical’, ‘Pull your socks up’ and (I kid you not) ‘Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’. All along to a driving ‘terrace’ beat that will no doubt have us singing along in the stands for years to come. No, really.

All of which left me in the worst mood of the day by far. I’m sure I’ll get over it, as long as I never, ever, ever have to listen to that song again.


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