What’s the matter here?

Here’s the story of my worries of the week.

Saturday – watched a performance from Norwich City vs Southampton that was best described as turgid. Not helped by sitting next to the Southampton fans, who alternated their singing between ‘Top of the league, – You’re having a laugh’, ‘Small town near Ipswich, you’re just a small town near Ipswich’ and, as the home supporters started leaving at 2-0 down, ‘Home to your sister, you’re going home to your sister’. My main worries were around the value of forking out £56 to take two of the boys to a game of such embarrassing disappointment, and the huge wage bill that Norwich City pay to players who, largely, didn’t seem to be able to do their job properly.

Sunday – worried about Jr Emu #2 having a crap 14th birthday as he’d been throwing up all night and looked pretty miserable all day. Then I worried about the results of a long run, where I’d struggled to hit the time I wanted, and had a slight twinge in my right calf caused by my pesky compression sock, which then developed into not being able to put any weight on it (my leg, not the sock) for the rest of the day. So I worried about getting old, not being able to run marathons again, and generally being crap at what I wanted to do.

Monday – worried about work. Came home and worried that I wasn’t being a terribly good parent.

Tuesday – worried about dreadful customer service from Apple, a company I’d previously thought very highly of, and who now are pretty low on my list of favourite businesses. Pretty weird that Apple don’t even have a complaints process, and even weirder that they find it acceptable to charge £73 to fix an iPod that was still under warranty.

Wednesday – worried about work in the morning and afternoon. In the evening, worried about whether the new band was going to be tight enough to be gig-worthy, whether the songs were strong enough, whether the lyrics made sense, and whether I was getting a bit too old for this rock and roll lark.

Thursday – ran into work, listening to a podcast of ‘The Interview’ from BBC World Service. This was an interview with Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda. We all know about the appalling genocide in Rwanda, and Kagame is the man who has been tasked with rebuilding the country following that dreadful history. You can hear the podcast at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p004t5p8, and I thoroughly recommend that you do.

Whatever you might think about Kagame, his thoughts on class division and the work in having to rebuild communities where a devastated family might have to live next door to the perpetrators of the genocide and be encouraged to co-exist, are, frankly, mind-blowing.

So, largely, I decided that my worries were pretty small beer in the scheme of things. In fact, should I ever descend in this blog to the sort of whinging that doesn’t stand up to real world reality, please do remind me that I don’t even know I’m born.


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