Felix hits a home run

Junior Emu #3 has never been a great fan of team sports. In fact, his first instinct when seeing a ball is to move at great speed in the opposite direction. And bats and racquets are largely used as props to recreate Abba concerts.

So it was with a little surprise that I heard about his success yesterday on the rounders field, in which he hit the winning run.

“It was quite simple, Dad”, he said.

“The first ball hit me on the head, which was a bit disappointing. But I connected with the second one, and hit it towards my friend Katy, because I know she can’t catch. So it went past her while I started running. Then, the fielder threw the ball to Michael, who has special needs. He caught it, but fortunately he thought he was on the same side as me, so held on to it while I completed the run.”

Ah, the benefits of a comprehensive education.


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